29 Apr

Negotiating Tips for Car Insurance

Are you good at negotiating?  Some people feel that they were born to negotiate, while others run for the hills if they have to haggle over anything. But when it’s time to get Illinois car insurance quotes, negotiation is the only way to go.  And it is easier than you think to negotiate a good premium. That’s because there are so many ways to discount a premium. And it doesn’t take a skilled debater to obtain discounts, either. Just a little bit of knowledge.

Under no circumstances should you pay the initial rate you are quoted without asking about what discounts are included.  Here are some helpful tips to make your experience a more positive one.

It’s easy to do some research online. Understand what minimum coverage is required by the state and think about your risk file. In fact, you should know how you appear to insurers.  If you are a senior citizen or a teen driver, you look like a big risk.  That’s not unfair, it is fact. Older and younger drivers file more claims, which means they have more accidents.  And that risk is the biggest determiner of what you pay. If you have an understanding of your own risk profile, your expectations will be within abounds.

Numerous discounts are available. If you have a clean driving record or few or no prior claims, it counts in your favor.  It also helps if you have taken a defensive or safe driving course, especially if you are an older driver.  Your credit history is also factor. Good credit gets you good premium prices.

You might get money off for combining all your coverage with one company. Or, it could be that a discount is given for being a new customer.

The more safety features on your vehicle, the better your discounts will be. Take a look at the specs for your car and list all of the safety features they show. Make sure your agent knows about it when they calculate a premium.

Negotiating does not have to be adversarial. It really is just a dialogue in which you ask for—and give—information that will help a company figure out how big a risk you are.  Even inexperienced negotiators can do well. The trick is to ask questions that will elicit every discount you might qualify for. And that’s really all that negotiation is: the giving of and receiving of information.