30 Apr

Ask for Homeowners Insurance Discounts & You Shall Find Them

That’s right. When obtaining California homeowners insurance quotes, you can maximize your savings by assessing whether or not you qualify for a discount and it’s as easy as requesting them from an insurance carrier.  The question is as easy as this one: “What discounts do you have available?”  And don’t stop there: dig more deeply.

Some demographic groups get better deals than others. Lower pricing on premiums is available to senior citizens, for example. Your insurance company can tell you how they define “senior citizen.”

Discounts are also available if you have certain kinds of security systems in your home. Companies differ on the kinds of equipment and monitoring that qualify you for lower premiums, so be sure to request more information on this money-saving discount from your carrier.  There may even be an even bigger discount for more sophisticated equipment, such as cameras, monitoring and more.

While we don’t suggest interrogating your insurer, it’s wise to dig deep when you are asking about discounts, because some are simply not intuitive.  You wouldn’t predict them in a million years. And insurers may not tell if you do not ask.  It’s up to you.

Many premium-holders are hesitant to ask for things. This is no time to be shy.  Or passive. While your risk factors remain risk factors—they are, after all, based on actuarial data, homeowners can still keep their premiums reasonable by assessing all the discounts for which they qualify.

For example, if you have stellar credit, check to see if your insurer will provide a better rate. Credit is a risk factor you can control.

Have you taken a smoking cessation program and successfully completed it? By not smoking, your risk factor for a home fire may be lower and that may be reflected in a lower premium price.

The point is this: don’t leave money on the table.  It’s estimated that some $300 million a year is lost overall when consumers fail to ask for discounts. That could be money out of your own pocket.

So, investigate the kinds of homeowners insurance discounts you qualify for and reap the savings in lower premiums.