30 Apr

Arizona auto insurance quotes

Getting Arizona auto insurance quotes online is a pretty fast and painless process. The problem is, sometimes they aren’t that accurate and especially, when or if, a credit score check is involved, auto insurance quotes can change drastically.

Luckily, Arizona has some of the cheapest car insurance rates on average compared to the rest of the nation. A lot of factors play into how much your insurance may cost, especially location. Although one insurance company may have the cheapest rates in Phoenix, they might have higher rates in Mesa, which makes it very important to get multiple quotes from multiple insurance companies.

When looking at Arizona car insurance quotes, there are a few companies that come up more often than others, in terms of lowest rates. It should be noted though, that the lowest rates, does not indicate the best quality.

Geico, one of the big national brands, consistently appears as a cheap option. They have great coverage options, some of which can be extra helpful, like emergency road service. They offer some great discounts, that helps keep them on the low end of the rates. While their customer services and claims services aren’t the greatest, they are by no means terrible either.

Farmers insurance, is another big national brand. They have very competitive policies and services, although their rates can be slightly higher in some areas. They offer a variety of discounts, like most of the big national brands. They are worth getting a quote from and because of the many discounts offered, they could be as affordable as Geico.

American Family Insurance, has a great reputation in regards, to their customer service and claims process. They also have several discount aimed towards new or student drivers. While many people won’t qualify for the student discounts, it might still be something for some parents to look into.

Along the same lines, USAA, is a great insurance company. However, you need to be qualified to apply. If that option is available at all, it should be explored as USAA, is a top rated company, with affordable pricing.

When you get a quote from an auto insurance agent, be sure to keep track of the agents name, so that if it turns out to be the best deal, you can reach them again to sign off on the rate.